Handwoven Afghan Chobi Rug | 232 x 135 cm | 7’6 x 5’

  • AU $2,200.00

  • High Quality 
  • Handmade from Hand-spun Wool
  • Hand selected from Afghanistan

Size: 232 x 135 cm | 7’6 x 5’

Material: Hand-spun wool on a cotton base 

Origin: Northern Afghanistan

Construction: Handwoven

Condition: Brand new

Style: Chobi rugs are a classic within Traditional Rugs. They have a reputation for being durable, reliable and great quality. These rugs are made to last generations.

The name 'Chobi' itself translates to 'colour like wood' in Farsi. This name is appropriate as the most common colours used in Chobi rugs are colours that can found in different types of wood.

Stock Number: MM958

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