Handmade Afghan Super Kazakh Rug | 288 x 210 cm | 9'5" x 6'10"

  • AU $4,400.00

Size: 288 x 210 cm | 9'5" x 6'10"

Materials: Handspun wool on a cotton base 

Origin: Kabul, Afghanistan

Construction: Handmade 

Condition: Brand New

Handmade in Kabul, Afghanistan, this Kazakh rug is one the newest styles available in our Kazakh collection. Made from the finest wool and incredible woven craftsmanship, this rug is truly handmade to last.

From the soft wool and traditional motifs, Kazakh rugs are known for it's durability. The motifs that have been woven into this rug have been used and carried down since the 18th century, making the rug truly timeless.

Stock Number: BR583

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