Handmade Antique Afghan Elephant's Foot Rug | 284 x 247 cm | 9'3" x 8'10"

  • AU $6,600.00

Size: 284 x 247 cm | 9'3" x 8'10" 

Material: 100% Vegetable Dye Wool 

Origin: Bokhara Province, Uzbekistan 

Construction: Handmade 

Condition: Estimated to be over 100 years old. Pile has gone down with use but still in great condition. 

Style: Bokhara is the name of the town where rug weavers went to seel their work since centuries. Bokhara, which also happens to mean Lucky Place; is the capital of the Bokhara Province in Uzbekistan. It's produced by the Turkmen tribes who are the main ethnic group in Turkmenistan and are also found in Afghanistan. Only a few centuries back, all Turkmen rugs were produced by nomadic tribes, almost entirely with locally obtained materials, wool from the herds and vegetable and or other natural dyes from the land. They used geometrical that varied from tribe to tribe. Irregulaties in the shape, pattern, design and colours were and sometime still are conditions amazing little quirks that make the rug unique to it's own. 

Elephant's Foot is simply what the motif is called. It the name that's been used for centuries. 

Stock Number: MM26 

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