Kilims rugs is considerably different material because it is a flat woven products or cultural carpets produced in different areas of Asia and specially in Melbourne, the city of Australia. Such kind of carpets especially used for decoration and in prayer rooms. The main advantage of these products is that it is more durable in contrast to machine made carpets. Kilims are generally woven with natural materials such as hair, silk, wool and cotton also. Kilim also show difference with other carpets because it's manufacturing technique is different than other carpets. Kilim rugs also popular with the name of flat weave.Australia offers high variety of floor covering carpets in its well popular city known as Melbourne. It is the largest and best platform on the map of the world for manufacturing of high quality rugs. Melbourne is the best example not only in its uniqueness but also in updated methods or techniques for production of carpets. This city is the major sight of the world in its beauty and also in art. It is the area that covers up the traditional and unique requirements of now- a- days customers.We offer best Kilims rugs Natural,Afghan,kilim Cushion.