Silk Rugs

Silk rugs are taken to be as fantastic art for decoration of homes. The uniqueness of it is that it shows great color shades and patterns. There are different number of sources to get the natural silk, fibers in which the silk obtained from moth larva, spiders, bamboo and banana trees are most common.Handmade silk rugs or hand knotted rugs increase its importance among customers other than it is produced by the machines. Melbourne is the major center of the world for handmade materials because hand knotted materials feel more comfortable to customers. Najaf & textile company playing its key role in wool and silk made floor covering material. There are high variety of hand woven carpets available in our Melbourne stores. Our quality is the image of our aim to feel happy and satisfied our users. Handmade rugs also famous with the name of hand tufted carpets  among the users and made with wool and silk stuff using with different hand techniques and experience of our expert designers.Find your perfect silk rug at our showroom in Prahran, Melbourne. The quality of our silk rugs are 24 x 24 quality meaning there is 576 knots per square inch in this rug.