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Rug Cleaning Services 

We offer the best rug cleaning service in Melbourne. With our high standards, we give a whole new life to the rugs. 

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On Site Rug Repair

Najaf has expertise in weaving, repairing and dyeing, and was the direct beneficiary
of the knowledge of some highly renowned rug makers in his part of Afghanistan.

With over 30 years experience. Perfection is what we strive for every time.

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Learn more about how our business started.

Najaf Rugs & Textiles was established in 2002 by Najaf Mazari. Najaf is an afghan refugee who fled from Mazar-E-Sharif in Afghanistan to Australia. With the never ending war and wanting a better life, leaving Afghanistan was a necessary move. 

Originally from Mazar-e-Sharif in Northern Afghanistan. Najaf learnt the art of rug making at only 12 years old. Learning a trade was important to Najaf’s oldest brother who became the father of the household when his father suddenly passed away. As they could not afford to send him to school, learning a trade was the next best thing to help him provide an income. 

Having being released from detention centre, he arrived in Melbourne with a temporary protection visa and an uncertain future; he opened up a rug shop on 461 High St, Prahran. With no money, no English and no rugs, he became well known for his high quality repairs. 

This worked out well as at the time there were no other handmade rug repairers. Within two weeks the word was out. Everyone had heard about that repair man from Afghanistan, in which many rug dealers rang Najaf and asked him to work for them. 

From there, his business launched into what it is today. An authentic and honest Afghan rug shop, that offers Afghan tea to every customer.

Najaf also had the amazing opportunity to publish books with co-writer Robert Hillman; The Rug Maker of Mazar-e-Sharif and The Honey Thief. Both of the books have been best sellers still continue to do well till this day. 

Najaf’s first book (The Rug Maker) was on the VCE book list for 3 years, which then got extended for another 3 years. Najaf was nominated for Australian of the Year Awards 2014 and also has had a portrait entered into the Archibald by artist Phillip Howe.

Today his business continues to do well.




 Najaf aged 26 applying finishing touches to a Turkmen Rug

Najaf during the weaving process of a rug