Handmade Afghan Maimana Kilim | 186 x 121 cm | 6'2" x 4'

  • AU $550.00

Size: 186 x 121 cm | 6'2" x 4'

Material: 100% Wool  

Origin: Maimana, Afghanistan 

Condition: Brand new  

Construction: Handmade 

Style: Kilims are woven with a different technique from rugs and are without a pile which allows you to use both sides, this versatility is functional and practical making you get the most out of your handmade item. Kilims are known for it's geometrical patterns, rich colours and flatware texture. This kilim has been handwoven in Maimana, Northern Afghanistan from 100% wool. Handmade to last, this kilim won't disappoint you! 

We recommend using an underlay for all kilims, this will stop any movement from occurring when placed in your space and it will allow for the kilim to get a better grip on your floors. 

Stock Number: BR232

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