Handmade Afghan Tribal Maimana Kilim | 294 x 155 cm

  • AU $1,660.00

Size: 308 x 162 cm 


Materials: 100% Wool

Origin: Maimana, Afghanistan

Construction: Handmade 

Condition: Used, 60 -70 years old. Minimal reapirs have been made to this kilim, the affected area has been photographed. But overall in great condition. 

A beautiful Tribal Maimana kilim from Afghanistan. A rare colourway for Afghanistan, making it a unique kilim. The tonal colour differences called 'Abrash' makes this kilim so much more special. Modern reproductions have tried to copy this technique but has never done it well. Nothing beats originals and this original is one of our favourites in our collection.

Stock Number: AK5

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