Handmade Old Afghan Shepherd's Rug | 261 x 160 cm | 8'7" x 5'6"

  • AU $1,550.00

Size: 261 x 160 cm | 8'7" x 5'6"

Materials: 100% wool

Origin: Afghanistan 

Construction: Handmade 

Condition: Old & used. Roughly 40-50 years old. No repairs have been made. In great condition. 

Shepherd's rug are simply woven by the Nomadic people of Afghanistan. The rugs are woven for themselves, to help ease with the harsh winters. Once they longer have use of these rugs, they sell them off to rug collectors, just like us! Every tribal rug is unique to it's own self. There will never be two tribal rugs that are the exact same. Since these rugs are not woven for commercial use, they have quirks such as un-even sides, or colour differences throughout the rug; but that's what makes them so amazing. 

Stock Number: BR56

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