Handmade Traditional Afghan Shaal Rug | 271 x 173 cm | 8'9" x 5'6"

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  • High Quality 
  • Handmade from Handspun Wool
  • Handselected from Afghanistan

Size: 271 x 173 cm | 8'9" x 5'6"

Materials: Handspun wool with a cotton base 

Origin: Northern Afghanistan 

Construction: Handmade 

Condition: Brand New

Quality: 35 x 30 quality, 1050 knots every 10 centimetres.

Shaal rugs are inspired by handwoven women's shaals that have been in fashion for a while now. This is a great quality rug, with 1050 knots every 10 centimetres within the rug. 

Stock Number: 572

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