Handwoven Vintage Persian Tabriz Rug | 314 x 211 cm | 10'3" x 6'9"

  • AU $3,300.00

Size: 314 x 211 cm | 10'3" x 6'9"

Materials: Wool on cotton. 100% natural fibres. 

Origin: Tabriz, Iran

Construction: Handwoven 

One of a kind Vintage Persian Tabriz rug like no other. With over 60 years in age, history and character the rug remains sturdy with a beautiful pile and unique colourway. The floral patterns are sure to brighten up and add charm to any space. Another rug like this will not come around making it truly one of a kind. 

This rug is from Tabriz, Iran. A city known for it's production of Persian rugs. 

Stock Number: BN021

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