150 Year Old Antique Handmade Uzbek Suzani

  • AU $22,000.00

This is an incredibly valuable Suzani, over 150 years old made by Tajik or Uzbek women in the Tashkent region of Uzbekistan. A very rare find as there is not many in the world left. 

This Suzani is called 'Olti Oilik Palyak' meaning "Six Moon wallhanging".

The name given to embroideries from around Tashkent is palyak, from the Arabic word for firmament, or the heavens. The number of moons on a palyak varies from six to 40. In general, the fewer the moons, the more recent the embroidery.

 The reason this Suzani is more special, is because of the fabric, as it is also handmade. 

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