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Handmade Khal Mohammadi Rug | 294 x 204 cm

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Size: 294 x 204 cm 

Material: Wool 

Origin: Andkhoy, Afghanistan 

Construction: Handmade 

Construction time: Approximately 4 months with 3 skilled rug weavers.

Condition: Brand new

Style: Unlike most other rugs, the Khal Mohammadi rugs are not named after a particular region or state, but instead Khal Mohammadi is named after the person that designed and started the manufacturing of these beautiful rugs.

Khal Mohammadi rugs are known for its deep reds and blues with geometrical designs. 

Please note that these rugs have a one-inch fringe which is not shown in the image and the line across the image is not a default in the rug, it is just a fold line. 

Stock Number: HS62


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