Handmade Traditional Heriz Rug | 302 x 240 cm | 9'9" x 7'8"

  • AU $4,236.00

Size: 302 x 240 cm | 9'9" x 7'8"

Material: Wool 

Origin: Bhadohi, India

Construction: Handmade 

Condition: Brand new

Style: Heriz rugs orignate from East Azerbaijan in Northwest Iran. They began production during the 19th century. Heriz rugs are known for it's durablity and hard wearing that will last for generations if looked after correctly. Heriz rugs commonly have geometic, bold patterns with a large medallions. Designs are classic and often woven from memory. 

Please note that these rugs have a one-inch fringe which is not shown in the image.

Stock Number: H4

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