Handmade Tribal Overdyed Mashwani Rug | 191 x 146 cm | 6'2" x 4'7"

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Size: 191 x 146 cm | 6'2" x 4'7"

Materials: 100% wool 

Origin: Western Afghanistan

Construction: Handmade 

Condition: New

Mashwani rugs are soft, thin and delicate that are made by the Maswani subtribe in Western Afghanistan. These rugs are known for its incredible quality and soft to touch wool. What great about Mashwani rugs is that have multiple uses, as it's thin, you are able to use it as a wall hanging, table cover and of course a rug. These rugs have been overdyed, meaning they have recently been dyed with bright colours after it's original colours. It's classic and original colour was gold, which is no longer a popular colour within these rugs. The pattern makes up of geometrical designs with balanced intricate patterns. The rugs feel peaceful to look at and one that will last many generations if looked after. As it's been overdyed, there are tonal and hue differences in colour that make the rugs more interesting to look at. 

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